Fast Challenge – Yoyo Trick #24

Fast Challenge – Yoyo Trick #24

Fast Challenge – Yoyo Trick #24

Fast Challenge Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Fast Challenge is a set of 10 yoyo tricks that should be done as fast as possible. Here is the order of the tricks: Wind Up - Gravity Pull - Forward Pass - Breakaway - Around the World - Walk the Dog - Rock the Baby (3x) - Bikini - Stop and Go - Skyrocket.

Fast Challenge Video Tutorial

  • Learn Fast Challenge from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak

Fast Challenge Tips

  • Start with yoyo on a ground
  • Return yoyo between each trick
  • Perform tricks in the right order

Most Common Mistakes

  • Not starting from the ground
  • Sky Rocket not above player’s head
  • Missing one of the tricks

Fast Challenge Steps

10 Tricks

    • Complete these tricks in this exact order and try to get the fastest time.
  1. Wind Up (start from the ground)
  2. Gravity Pull
  3. Forward Pass
  4. Breakaway
  5. Around the World
  6. Walk the Dog
  7. Rock the Baby (3x)
  8. Bikini
  9. Stop & Go
  10. Sky Rocket (over head)

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