How To Do Around the World Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Around the World Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Around the World Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Yoyo Trick Tutorial Around thw World
Around the World is a classic and super fun trick. You can repeat it as long as your yoyo keeps spinning. We do not recommend practicing this trick under that crystal chandelier at your grandma’s. So make sure there is enough space around you.

Around the World Video Tutorial

  • Learn Around the World from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak

Around the World Pass Tips

  • Release the yoyo when your arm is still behind your back
  • Catch with palm facing up!
  • Throw strong to avoid yoyo coming back unexpectedly
  • Practise the whole motion with yoyo not spinning first

Most Common Mistakes

  • Catching with palm facing down
  • Releasing yoyo too late, when your whole arm is already in front of you
  • Throwing too slow
  • Using unresponsive yoyo

Around the World Steps

  1. Hand Position
    • You want to have your hand down by your side. With the front of your palm facing forward.
  2. The Throw
    • From here, you want to make a swinging motion with your arm and then release the yoyo down and in front of you.
  3. Full Circle
    • Instead of tugging back, the yoyo should swing around in a circle once. Try to keep your hand in the same place.
  4. Flip and Catch
    • Once the yoyo comes back around, tug it back and catch it underhand.

Reccomended Yoyo

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