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Learning should be fun!

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We believe in the value of real-world skills and their potential to greatly benefit people’s lives.

We’re passionate about sharing our love for yoyoing and the memories, skills, and friendships it brought us. Our goal is to offer others the chance to experience the same joy through our online game, designed to teach offline skills.

That’s why we created Skill Addicts.

Join us in learning and mastering new skills through our online learning game.

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Who’s behind this?

Vashek Kroutil
Václav Kroutil


The original author of the idea and the leading person in the project. Vashek manages the development, controls the related processes and comes up with the ideas.
Matyas Racek
Matyáš Racek
The brains behind the whole development, the geek, skilled programmer and the engine of the platform. Makes sure that the application works properly in all circumstances.
Dominik Hron
Dominik Hron


Design head, figures out how to solve problems from a functional point of view. Takes care of user-friendliness, and is responsible for the graphics of the whole project.
Tomas Bubak

Tomáš Bubák


Creative soul, audiovisual enthusiast, video creator and editor. Together with his wife Ann, he is the author of the amazing Skill Addicts video tutorials.
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