How To Throw a Yoyo – Yoyo Trick #1

How To Throw a Yoyo – Yoyo Trick #1

How To Throw a Yoyo – Yoyo Trick #1

How To Throw a Yoyo Tutorial
Let's go! Your first throw, your first trick! Learn how to throw a yoyo. But first, make sure you know how to put the yoyo properly in your hand.

How To Throw a Yoyo Video Tutorial

  • Learn how to throw a yoyo with pro yoyo player Ann Bubak!


  • Hold the yoyo with palm facing up
  • String goes from finger over the yoyo, not below the yoyo
  • Throw the yoyo straight
  • Catch with one hand, palm facing down

Most Common Mistakes

  • Throwing the yoyo with palm facing down
  • Turning wrist during the throw
  • Catching yoyo with two hands
  • Using unresponsive yoyo

How To Throw a Yoyo Steps

  1. Gravity Pull
    • To learn how to throw the yoyo properly, you’ll learn Gravity Pull. To begin, you need to hold the yoyo correctly in your hand by holding it out flat and making sure the string is coming from top of the yoyo to your finger. You don’t want it under or you will have problems throwing it later.
  2. Make a muscle
    • Next, close your first and bring your arm up in front of you to “make a muscle”.
  3. The throw
    • From here, you’ll throw and extend your arm out in from of you. Almost like a snapping motion but keeping the palm of your throw hand facing upward and flat so that the yoyo will roll off your fingers.
  4. Tug and catch
    • Once the yoyo has reach the end of the string, you’ll turn your palm over and immediately tug it back to your hand and catch it.

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