How To Do Walk the Dog Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Walk the Dog Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Walk the Dog Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Walk the Dog Yoyo Trick Tutorial
“Can you Walk the Dog”? A question you will hear often as a yoyoer. No wonder, this is the most famous and well-known yoyo trick on planet Earth. It may seem bit childish, but it actually requires a really stable and powerful throw. This is a must learn yo-yo trick for every yoyo player!

Walk the Dog Video Tutorial

  • Learn Walk the Dog from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Throw straight and strong
  • Swing the yoyo back, put it on a ground when it swings forward
  • Do Walk the Dog on soft or flat surface (carpet for example)

Most Common Mistakes

  • Weak throw, slow spin
  • Yoyo too long on a ground and loses all spin
  • Damaging your yoyo by doing Walk the Dog on concrete or other hard surface
  • This yo-yo trick wont work well on a grass

Walk the Dog Steps

  1. The Throw
    • Start with strong Sleeper.
  2. Swing back
    • Swing the yoyo a little behind you.
  3. On the floor
    • Set the yoyo gently onto the floor, it should move in front of you.
  4. Tug up and catch
    • Then tug up and catch before it loses all spin.

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