Top 5 Easy Yoyo Tricks for Beginners

Top 5 Easy Yoyo Tricks for Beginners

Top 5 Easy Yoyo Tricks for Beginners

Yoyo Trick Tutorial Forward Pass
Let's look at easy yoyo tricks for beginner yoyo players. These are the yo-yo tricks that you should learn first. Top 5 must learn yoyo tricks for every yoyo player.

1. Wind Up Yoyo Trick

It is crucial to know how to wind up your yoyo properly. You cannot learn any tricks without your string being correctly winded into the yo-yo. 

2. Sleeper Yoyo Trick

Mastering the Sleeper involves throwing the yo-yo with enough force to spin at the end of the string, allowing for various tricks and maneuvers.

3. Forward Pass Yoyo Trick

The Forward Pass is a fundamental trick where the yo-yo is thrown forward from the hand and returns with a simple tug of the string.

4. Around the World Yoyo Trick

Around the World involves swinging the yo-yo in a circular motion around the body, showcasing coordination and timing.

5. Walk the Dog Yoyo Trick

Walk the Dog allows the yo-yo to roll along the ground while attached to the string, it is one of the most famous yoyo tricks.

Get Yoyo to Learn Tricks With

Best choice is SA Yo-Yo. It is all in one modern yoyo that comes with responsive/beginner setup but also includes unresponsive/advanced upgrade ball bearing in the packaging. SA Yo-Yo comes as whole starter set with spare yoyo strings, stickers and spare ball bearing. It simply includes all you need to start your journey as a yoyo player.

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Learn Yoyo Tricks With Free Online App

We recommend learning how to yoyo with Skill Addicts free learning yoyo app. You can get it at App Store or Google Play


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