How to Learn Yoyo Tricks

How to Learn Yoyo Tricks

How to Learn Yoyo Tricks

Double or Nothing Yoyo Trick Tutorial
When becoming a yoyo player the very beginning can be discouraging. There is thousand of different yoyos to choose from and too many tricks to learn. We know, it can be overwhelming at first.

Where to Start? Learn With the Yoyo App

Do not worry, we are yoyo players by ourselves and we went through the beginning of learning how to yoyo. That's why we have created Skill Addicts yoyo learning free app. To make learning easier for every yoyo player.

You can get it at App Store or Google Play for free.

online app learn yoyo kendama spin top footbag


  • video tutorials created by pro players
  • rewards and level system
  • feedback from other yoyo players
  • easy to follow learning system 
  • over 900 yoyo tricks
  • joining the yo-yo community

Buy the Right Yo-yo

Before you start, you will also need a good yoyo. We recommend SA Yo-Yo. It is all in one modern yoyo that comes with responsive/beginner setup but also includes unresponsive/advanced upgrade ball bearing in the packaging.

SA Yo-Yo


Most Common Mistakes When Learning How to Yoyo

There are several mistakes that people usually do when they start learning how to yoyo.

  1. Cheap/Toy Yoyo: there is no chance you will learn yoyo tricks with classic cheap yoyo from toystore. It is important to start with proper yoyo with ball bearing, we recommend SA Yo-Yo.
  2. Unresponsive/Advanced Yoyo: one of the most common mistakes is starting with yoyo that is too advanced. In yoyoing it is really important to start with beginner yoyo that is responsive. It is difficult to control advanced unresponsive yoyos when you are beginner yoyoer.
  3. Learning difficult tricks: it is tempting and natural to want to learn the coolest looking tricks. Unfortunately these tricks are usually more difficult and require player to already know the basics of yoyoing. Therefore it is crucial to learn step by step from the beginner yoyo tricks. We recommend using Skill Addicts free learning app that gives you clear path and trick ladder on how to learn and progress in yoyoing.
  4. Rushing and giving up: patience is extremely important when learning any skill. Usually it takes several tries to land a trick, sometimes it can be 1 try, sometimes 5 tries but it can get to 500 tries. So stay patient, do not give up and keep learning.
  5. String setup: It is important to setup your string correctly. Proper length and string correctly attached to your yoyo and finger are super important when yoyoing. You can find tutorial on correct yoyo string setup in this video.
  6. Change string often: playing with used yo-yo string makes learning much more difficult. The yo-yo string should be changed every 30-120 minutes of yoyo play. We recommend SA Yo-yo Strings. 
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