Where To Buy a Good Yoyo?

Where To Buy a Good Yoyo?

Where To Buy a Good Yoyo?

Kwijibo Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Are you about to buy yoyo to start learning modern yo-yo tricks? Make sure you read this article first. Starting with wrong yoyo can make your yo-yo beginning really difficult.

What to Know Before You Buy Yoyo

If you are looking for ordinary classic toy yo-yo, you can go to any toy store or online toy eshop. But the quality and performance will be very limited. Toy yoyos can only go up and down, these yo-yos cannot do yoyo tricks since they do not spin at the end of a string. Classic yoyos have fixed axle instead of a ball bearing which makes them immediately wind up instead of spinning at the end of the string.

Buy Yoyo to Learn Tricks With

But in case you are looking for good quality modern yoyo to learn yo-yo tricks with, we recommend shopping in specialised yoyo shops.

Websites dedicated to yo-yoing (such as SLUSNY yoyo shop or YoyoFactory Europe) often offer a wide selection of brands and models, along with helpful reviews and recommendations from fellow yoyo players.

Best choice is SA Yo-Yo. It is all in one modern yoyo that comes with responsive/beginner setup but also includes unresponsive/advanced upgrade ball bearing in the packaging. SA Yo-Yo comes as whole starter set with spare yoyo strings, stickers and spare ball bearing. It simply includes all you need to start your journey as a yoyo player.

SA Yo-Yo


Learn Yoyo Tricks With Free Online App

We recommend learning how to yoyo with Skill Addicts free learning yoyo app. You can get it at App Store or Google Play


  • video tutorials created by pro players
  • rewards and level system
  • feedback from other yoyo players
  • easy to follow learning system 
  • over 900 yoyo tricks
  • joining the yo-yo community

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