Yoyo Shapes

Yoyo Shapes

Yoyo Shapes

yoyos by shape
Yoyos are one of the oldest and most popular toys in the world. They have been around for thousands of years and have evolved in shape and design over time. Different yoyo shapes have different characteristics that affect the way they perform and the tricks that can be done with them.

Types of Yoyo Shapes

  • Imperial shape
  • Butterfly shape
  • H shape
  • Wing shape

Imperial Yoyo Shape

Imperial shaped yoyos are narrow with thin string gap (the gap between two halves of a yoyo). This is classic shape that was used back in the days. Yoyos with Imperial shape are only used for old school yoyo tricks and looping tricks nowadays.

imperial yoyo shape

Butterfly Yoyo Shape

These yo-yos have a rounded profile similar to the shape of a butterfly, providing a comfortable grip and easy catching into player’s hand. The weight distribution is concentrated in a unique way, with more weight towards the center rather than the edges, thanks to the rounded shape. This results in slower spin speed but also offers better control and a smoother gameplay experience.

SA Yo-Yo is butterfly shaped yoyo.

butterfly yoyo shape

Wing Yoyo Shape

Wing shaped yo-yos are specifically crafted for a speedy and well-controlled yoyo play experience. 

The Wing design evenly distributes the weight, making it all rounded yoyo which is comfortable, fast and stable. It provides a perfect balance of speed and stability, making it ideal for competitive yoyoing.

wing yoyo shape

H-Shape Yoyo

When it comes to yoyos, the H-shape is often considered the most extreme option. 

Similar to wing shaped yoyos, H shape throws have a wider internal space. The weight is distributed significantly towards the edges of a yoyo. It makes these yoyos extremely stable while spinning on a string.

If you’re looking to try something new, the H-profile shape will give you that special feeling that sets it apart from other yoyos.

h yoyo shape
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