How To Do Kwijibo Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Kwijibo Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Kwijibo Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Kwijibo Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Kwijibo is a pretty complex combo. It involves hops, quick landings on the string, and crossed hand moves. A real challenge for every yoyoer.

Kwijibo Video Tutorial

  • Learn Kwijibo yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak

How To Do Kwijibo

  1. Pop the yoyo and cross arms
    • Start with Trapeze, then you’ll pop the yoyo up, cross with throw arm on top, and land the yoyo on the outer string.
  2. Swing to the other side
    • Next, swing the yoyo to the other side to cross the arms again with your throw arm now on the bottom.
  3. Pop the yoyo and uncross arms
    • Then, pop yoyo up and uncross your arms to land into a Double or Nothing.
  4. Roll out and bind
    • Roll out into a Trapeze. Then do Sidestyle bind to return the yoyo back to your hand.


  • Wait for yoyo to pop up and switch hands below the yoyo
  • Non throw hand grabs the string and crosses over and above throw hand

Most Common Mistakes

  • Rushing and crossing hands too early

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