How To Do Braintwister Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Braintwister Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Braintwister Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Braintwister Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Alright, people may have seen Rock the Baby or Walk the Dog before, but Braintwister? Once you show Braintwister, people don't understand what just happened. Go show your friends and you will see.

Braintwister Video Tutorial

  • Learn Braintwister yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Bend the string in non throw hand over throw hand to get into the motion

Most Common Mistakes

  • Dropping all string before return instead of unmounting

Braintwister Steps

  1. The throw
    • Start with strong Sleeper.
  2. Against the string
    • You’ll start the same as Elevator by lifting the string with your index finger and placing the yoyo against the string.
  3. Under and around
    • Then move your hand under and around, placing your index finger to the middle of the string.
  4. Push and flip
    • Keep your non-throw hand still while you push and flip the string and yoyo over once.
  5. Unfold, tug, catch
    • You’ll then unfold the string, tug, and get the yoyo back to your hand.

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