UFO – Yoyo Trick #23

UFO – Yoyo Trick #23

UFO – Yoyo Trick #23

UFO Yoyo Trick Tutorial
UFO will definitely test your yoyo skills. It needs a horizontal throw that's strong, string control, style to make it look good, and great timing to return the yoyo back to your hand.

UFO Video Tutorial

  • Learn UFO yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Strong horizontal throw
  • Pop the yoyo up in the same height as throw hand before catching it

Most Common Mistakes

  • Weak throw
  • Yoyo not in horizontal spin

UFO Steps

  1. Throw sideways
    • If you’ve completed Texas Cowboy, you’ll throw similarly sideways, yet you’ll try to aim lower.
  2. L-shape
    • Then make an L-shape with your non-throw hand and hold the string up.
  3. Tornado effect
    • Yoyo should spin sideways while the string is making this “tornado” effect.
  4. Tug and catch
    • Before you return the yoyo back to your hand, bring your hands to the same level. Then tug back, and catch.

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