How To Set Your Yoyo String

How To Set Your Yoyo String

How To Set Your Yoyo String

How To Set Yoyo String Tutorial
Alright, you got a yoyo and string, but you need to put both together. Let’s learn how to set up your yoyo string. How to choose the right length, how to attach yoyo string to your finger and to your yoyo.

How To Set Yoyo String Video Tutorial

  • Learn how to set your yoyo string from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Change yoyo string often (every 30-120 minutes of play)
  • Attach string properly to your middle finger with slipknot
  • Untie knots immediately
  • Set your string length (floor to bellybutton)

Most Common Mistakes

  • Keeping knots on the string
  • String attached to index finger
  • Not using slipknot to attach string to the finger
  • Not changing strings often
  • String length too long or too short

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