How To Do Target Chute Spin Top Trick

How To Do Target Chute Spin Top Trick

How To Do Target Chute Spin Top Trick

target chute spin top trick
Ok, you can throw your Spin Top. But can you aim it at target? The smaller the target, the more difficult! Let's learn how to do Target Chute spin top trick!

Learn Target Chute Spin Top Trick

  1. Target Chute will test your Spin Top throw and aiming skill. Start with spin top properly winded and placed in your throw hand.
  2. Then, get yourself a plate and place it on a ground.
  3. Start the same as Spinner and throw the Spin Top to make it spin on a plate.
  4. Make sure the target is not too close or not too far from you.
  5. When throwing the spinning top make sure you aim at the target.

Target Chute Spin Top Trick Video Tutorial


  • Stay in the right distance from the target
  • Aim at the target
  • Watch the target while throwing

Most Common Mistakes

  • Staying too far
  • Staying too close
  • Not watching the target

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