How To Do Sky Rocket Spin Top Trick Tutorial

How To Do Sky Rocket Spin Top Trick Tutorial

How To Do Sky Rocket Spin Top Trick Tutorial

sky rocket spin top trick
Spin Top Sky Rocket is the coolest way of lifting the Spin Top off the ground. Make a special knot with your string around the Spin Top's tip and pull up. T-minus 3, 2, 1... and lift off! Let's learn how to do Sky Rocket spinning top trick!

Learn Sky Rocket Spin Top Trick

  1. Sky Rocket is a fun trick and also a way to pick up Spin Top off the ground using your string. Start with Spinner and throw your spin top to make it spin on a ground.
  2. Start the same as Hover. Then drop the string from your non-throw hand over and across the other string.
  3. Now just pull up with your throw hand, pop up the Spin Top, and catch it.

Sky Rocket Spin Top Trick Video Tutorial


  • Follow the correct order of the string position
  • Once you pop the spin top up, try to land in onto your palm and balance it for as long as possible

Most Common Mistakes

  • Wrong positioning of the strings
  • Pulling too much
  • Pulling too little

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