How To Hand Balance Spin Top

How To Hand Balance Spin Top

How To Hand Balance Spin Top

how to hand balance spin top
Let's step up your Spin Top game! Balancing the Spin Top on your hand is crucial for freestyle Spin Top tricks. It may take some time, but be patient and you'll figure it out. Learn how to balance spin top on your hand.

Learn Hand Balance Spin Top Trick

  1. Hand Balance will teach you how to balance a spinning Spin Top on your hand.
  2. Start with Spinner and use either Scoop, Hover or Sky Rocket to get the Spin Top onto your palm.
  3. Do not close your fingers, but keep your palm open wide. By opening your palm, you create more space for the Spin Top.
  4. If the Spin Top starts tilting to the side, fix it by moving your hand in circles towards the center, in a spiral motion. If you are right handed, move your hand in a spiral counter clockwise direction. Left handed players should move their hand in a clockwise direction.
  5. Move in the direction that the tip is pointing towards.
  6. Balancing the Spin Top on your hand may take a bit of practice. So do not give up after a couple of tries. It will be super easy once you figure it out!

Hand Balance Spin Top Trick Video Tutorial


  • Throw a solid throw
  • The stronger the Spin Top spins, the easier it is to balance it
  • Keep you palm open wide

Most Common Mistakes

  • Weak throw
  • Moving hand in wrong direction
  • Closed palm
  • Bended fingers

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