Rock the Baby – Yoyo Trick #12

Rock the Baby – Yoyo Trick #12

Rock the Baby – Yoyo Trick #12

Rock The Baby Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Rock the Baby is another one of the most famous yoyo tricks. Don't think of calling yourself a yoyo player until you know Rock the Baby. This trick is just a classic and a must for every yoyoer.

Rock the Baby Video Tutorial

  • Learn Rock the Baby yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Practise the trick with yoyo not spinning first
  • Strong and straight throw
  • Spread the triangle as wide as possible

Most Common Mistakes

  • Weak throw
  • Not swinging through the triangle
  • Yoyo touching one of the triangle strings
  • Pinching the string not low enough. You can adjust the string so that the yoyo is down towards your non-throw hand. The make the area larger, you can use your thumb to further spread that area.

Rock the Baby Steps

  1. The throw
    • Start with strong Sleeper.
  2. L-Shape
    • Start same as with Robin Hood by making L-Shape on your throw hand.
  3. Spread fingers
    • Then bring your non throw hand down under the yoyo and spread the fingers to form triangle as wide as possible.
  4. Rock and catch
    • Next, You’ll the rock the yoyo gentle in-between the space. Then drop all the strings and bring the yoyo back to your hand.

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