Robin Hood – Yoyo Trick #10

Robin Hood – Yoyo Trick #10

Robin Hood – Yoyo Trick #10

Robin Hood Yoyo Trick Tutorial
You do not have steal from the rich and give to the poor to complete this trick. Robin Hood is one of these tricks that just look and feel great once you land them. Simple and lots of fun. It is also a great starting trick for Rock the Baby and Eiffel Tower.

Robin Hood Video Tutorial

  • Learn Robin Hood from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Practise the trick with yoyo not spinning first
  • Strong and straight throw
  • Do not tug up just drop the string from non throw hand

Most Common Mistakes

  • Using unresponsive yoyo
  • Weak throw
  • Catching yoyo without fully winded string
  • Tugging up instead of returning the yoyo by dropping the string

Robin Hood Steps

  1. The Throw
    • Start with strong Sleeper.
  2. “L” Shape
    • Make an L shape with your throw hand palm. .
  3. Pull the String
    • With your opposite hand, you’ll grab and pull the string in-between the L shape.
  4. Drop and Tug
    • Tug back the string and slightly lift at the same time, almost like you’re pulling an arrow. You’ll start to feel the yoyo come back up, you’ll drop the strings, and catch the yoyo back to your hand.

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