Barrel Rolls – Yoyo Trick #28

Barrel Rolls – Yoyo Trick #28

Barrel Rolls – Yoyo Trick #28

Barrel Rolls Yoyo Trick Tutorial
What's the best thing about Barrel Rolls? You only need to learn 2 easy moves! It's a fun trick that can be done in many different variations - forward, backwards, and repeated over and over again until your spin lasts.

Barrel Rolls Video Tutorial

  • Learn Barrel Rolls yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Make each Barrel Roll as two motions
  • The hand in front goes under the yoyo
  • Unmount and bind properly

Most Common Mistakes

  • Moving both hands at the same time
  • Dropping all string before return instead of unmounting

Barrel Rolls Steps

  1. Curl fingers
    • First, you’ll start similarly as Braintwister. Then, curl your fingers in and place index finger in-between the strings.
  2. Slight swing
    • With a slight swing, push the string down with your throw hand index finger. The yoyo should automatically hop over that finger, going away from you, and landing onto that string.
  3. Under and around the yoyo
    • From here, you’ll move your non-throw hand index finger forward, under, and all the way around the yoyo and back while keeping your throw hand in the same place.
  4. Repeat
    • You’ve now completed one Barrel Roll. You’ll now repeat last two steps together to fully complete as many Barrel Rolls as you wish.

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