Your Yo-Yo Teacher: Introducing Ann Bubak

Ann Bubak is a prominent figure in the modern yo-yo community. She has starting yoyoing when she was only 5 years old. Her passion for the sport has propelled her to become a top competitor and influencer. Through her skillful performances and dedication to teaching others, she has made significant contributions to the growth and recognition of yo-yoing as a trendy sport. During Ann's yoyo travels, she decided to leave USA and move to Prague, Czech Republic for very active and friendly yoyo community.

Ann is a professional yoyo player and she will guide you from very basics of yoyoing all the way to her signature pro yoyo tricks in Skill Addicts free app.

How to Choose a Yoyo

The most important thing when selecting a modern yo-yo is your skill level.

Beginners should always start with responsive yo-yo (yoyo that spins at the end of a string but returns with a simple tug of player's hand). Responsive yoyos are easier to control and they are perfect for learning basic yo-yo tricks.

Advanced players prefer unresponsive yo-yos (yoyos that spin at the of a string on a ball bearing but do not return with a simple tug of player's hand). Unresponsive yoyos spin longer and they are able to perform difficult yoyo tricks and long combos.

Material, brand, size and other factors depends on player's individual preferences.

We recommend SA Yo-Yo. It is all in one modern yoyo that comes with responsive/beginner setup but also includes unresponsive/advanced upgrade ball bearing in the packaging.

SA Yo-Yo