How To Do Sidestyle Bind Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Sidestyle Bind Yoyo Trick Tutorial

How To Do Sidestyle Bind Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Sidestyle Bind Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Sidestyle Bind is a trick that returns unresponsive yoyo back to your hand from sidestyle throw. It is crucial for learning unresponsive yo-yo tricks and becoming an advanced yoyo player.

Sidestyle Bind Video Tutorial

  • Learn Sidestyle Bind yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Pinch the string on your non throw hand
  • Hold the string pinched until binding the yoyo

Most Common Mistakes

  • Doing sidestyle bind from Frontstyle throw
  • Binding with yoyo spinning in wrong direction

Sidestyle Bind Steps

  1. Throw to the side
    • You’ll do this bind when you’ve thrown a Breakaway.
  2. Lift the string
    • Lift the string with your non-throw hand index finger.
  3. Swing yoyo onto string
    • Then you’ll swing the yoyo away from you and land on the string. This is called an Undermount.
  4. Pinch
    • Pinch the string between your fingers.
  5. Throwhand lifts
    • While keeping the string pinched, you’ll slightly wrap that string around the yoyo and towards you. At the same time, you’ll begin to lift your throw hand up. You can begin to feel the tension tighten between the gap of the yoyo.
  6. Bind the yoyo
    • Let go of the pinched string and tug up simultaneously to catch the yoyo.


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