Modern Yoyo Competitions

Modern Yoyo Competitions

Modern Yoyo Competitions

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Most people know yoyo as a classic toy. But did you know that modern yoyoing is a competitive freestyle sport? Let's learn about modern yoyo competitions.

Modern yoyo competitions showcase the incredible talent and creativity of players worldwide. These events feature a variety of divisions and formats, including freestyle routines and technical tricks synchronised to music. Competitors strive to impress judges with their precision, speed, and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with a yo-yo.

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Complusory Yo-Yo Tricks

Easier format of yoyo competition is Tricklist, also called as Trickladder. It is usually used for beginner categories. Tricklist inludes set of compulsory yoyo tricks. Competitors go one by one. Whoever completes the most tricks without any mistake wins. 

Yoyo Freestyles

Yoyo Freestyle or Yoyo Routine is much more complex form of yoyo competition. Yoyoers in this category have certain amount of time (usually 1, 2 or 3 minutes - depending on a contest) to perform set of their yoyo tricks and combos. Players also choose their freestyle music and whole routine is done with music. The final score consists of points for technical part (difficulty of the tricks) and points for performance part (music/trick synchronisation, originality, trick diversity, showmanship etc.). Yoyo judges also count misses and mistakes such as when yoyo stops spinning or gets tangled and player has to change the yoyo. These are deducted from the final score.

The Most Imporant Yoyo Competition - World Yo-Yo Contest

The largest and most known yo-yo contest is World Yoyo Contest. It is being held in different continent each year, usually North America, Europe and Asia. World Yoyo Contest is the most important event for all competitive yoyo players and easily has over 500 competitors from all around the world competing to become the new World Yoyo Champion, the new #1 of modern yoyoing.

Another big yoyo competitions are European Yoyo Championship, US Nationals or Czech National Yoyo Contest.

Reccomended Yoyo

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Best Way To Learn Yoyo Tricks

We recommend learning yo-yo tricks with Skill Addicts learning app. You can get it at App Store or Google Play for free. 


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