Double or Nothing – Yoyo Trick #22

Double or Nothing – Yoyo Trick #22

Double or Nothing – Yoyo Trick #22

Double or Nothing Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Double Or Nothing? Hit it or miss it! There is no better feeling than landing Double Or Nothing for the first time.

Double or Nothing Video Tutorial

  • Learn Double or Nothing yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Spread the strings apart to create space for landing on a correct string

Most Common Mistakes

  • Keeping strings close to each other
  • Landing on a wrong string
  • Landing on more than one string

Double or Nothing Steps

  1. Trapeze
    • To first practice this trick, start by throwing Trapeze. However, you want to try to have the string lower on your index finger.
  2. Hop over
    • From here, hop over to the other side over your throw hand index finger. Try aiming to lay the string closer to the top of your index finger.
  3. Other side
    • Next, swing back to the other side and landing on Trapeze with the top of your non-throw hand index finger.
  4. Pop up and catch
    • Then to return the yoyo back to your hand, pop the yoyo up while releasing all the strings to immeditaely catch it.

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