Choosing Your First Spin Top

Choosing Your First Spin Top

Choosing Your First Spin Top

choosing spin top
There are hundreds of different kinds of Spin Tops. Pro player Vashek Kroutil will help you how to choose the right Spin Top in the tutorial video below. Read more about choosing spin top.

How To Choose Spin Top ?

Choosing spin top is quite simple. It does not really matter if you are beginner or advanced player. Spin Tops are usually not categorized by skill level. Spin Tops can be divided into two groups according to the type of tip. There are ball bearing tip spintops and fixed tip spintops.

  1. Fixed Spinning Tops have fix tip without ball bearing. It means that the tip is spinning together with the spinning top. This Spinning Top is recommended for fixed spinning top tricks.
  2. Ball Bearing Spinning Tops have tip with ball bearing inside. It means that the tip is not spinning while the top is spinning. This Spinning Top is recommended for ball bearing spinning top tricks.

For beginners to learn basic tricks both kinds of spin tops are fine. Only later more advanced tricks require specific type of spinning top.

However we recommend starting with ball bearing spin top. These spintops spin bit longer and are easier to balance. But there is nothing wrong about learning basics of spin top tricks with fixed spin top.


Choosing Spin Top Video Tutorial


  • Choose the right spin top
  • Start with a Ball Bearing Spin Top
  • Learn basics properly

Most Common Mistakes

  • Using a cheap toy spin top
  • Starting with fixed spin top

Recommended Spinning Tops

Learn Spin Top Tricks With Free Online App

We recommend to learn spin top tricks with Skill Addicts free learning spin top app. You can get it at App Store or Google Play


  • video tutorials created by pro players
  • rewards and level system
  • feedback from other spin top players
  • easy to follow learning system 
  • over 100 spinning top tricks
  • joining the spin top community

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