One Handed Star – Yoyo Trick #14

One Handed Star – Yoyo Trick #14

One Handed Star – Yoyo Trick #14

One Handed Star Yoyo Trick Tutorial
One Handed Star is an old school picture trick that will blow people's minds once you master it. Just drop the yoyo, do the right combination of finger string moves, and a star will appear. Magic!

One Handed Star Video Tutorial

  • Learn One Handed Star yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Practise the trick with yoyo not spinning first
  • Strong and straight throw
  • Use other hand to adjust the string to reveal a star

Most Common Mistakes

  • Weak throw
  • Catching yoyo without fully winded string
  • Picture trick not visible

One Handed Stars Steps

  1. Throw hand only
    • This trick will be entirly done only on your throw hand. So first, you’ll take your thumb and lift the string.
  2. Ring finger
    • Then, you’ll take your ring finger, moving it inward to wrap the string around it once. You should have your palm facing forward.
  3. Index finger
    • Next, your index finger will lift the string up.
  4. Pinky finger
    • Then again, your pinky finger will wrap around the string, same as you did with the ring finger.
  5. Middle finger
    • Then, lift the string again with your middle finger.
  6. Reveal the star
    • Finally, place the string on top of our thumb and then adjust your fingers to reveal the star.

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