How To Do Finger Spin SpinTop Trick

How To Do Finger Spin SpinTop Trick

How To Do Finger Spin SpinTop Trick

fingerspin spintop trick
Finger Spin spintop trick seems like a trick that defies the laws of physics. How can the whole Spin Top balance just on the tip of your finger? Newton’s third law of motion, also known as the law of the conservation of angular momentum!

Learn Finger Spin SpinTop Trick

  1. Start with Spinner and use either Scoop, Hover or Sky Rocket to get the Spin Top onto your palm.
  2. With small pops of your palm, move the Spin Top towards the tip of your fingers. Use your thumb to slide the Spin Top to the very tip of your index finger.
  3. Extend your index finger while curling the other fingers to highlight the Finger Spin. Then get the Spin Top back on to your palm to finish the trick.

Finger Spin SpinTop Trick Video Tutorial


  • Touch only the tip of the Spin Top
  • Keep the Spin Top on tip of your finger

Most Common Mistakes

  • Touching spinning body of the Spin Top when sliding it towards the finger tip

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