How To Do Boomerang Spin Top Trick

How To Do Boomerang Spin Top Trick

How To Do Boomerang Spin Top Trick

boomerang spin top trick
Boomerang spin top trick could be the most important trick of them all. Throwing the Spin Top and landing it on your hand while it is spinning will blew everyone's mind. 10/10 Spin Top players guarantee!

Learn Boomerang Spin Top Trick

  1. Boomerang combines Spinner and Hand Balance together.
  2. Start the same as Spinner.
  3. When the hand reaches your waistline, pull back with your throw hand to shoot up the Spin Top in the air.
  4. Land and balance the Spin Top on your palm.
  5. Adjust the angle of the Spin Top in your hand before the throw if it is not coming back with tip pointing down.
  6. Pull back strong enough to make the Spin Top come back to your hand. Soften the landing on your palm.

Boomerang Spin Top Trick Video Tutorial


  • Throw with your whole arm
  • Pull back stronger than when doing Spinner
  • Adjust the angle of the Spin Top before you throw, if needed
  • Soften the landing

Most Common Mistakes

  • Bending elbow too much
  • Arm not stretched
  • Wrong position of the Spin Top in your hand
  • Weak pull back
  • Pulling back too early
  • Pulling back too late

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