What Is Unresponsive Yoyo?

What Is Unresponsive Yoyo?

What Is Unresponsive Yoyo?

What is unresponsive yoyo
What is unresponsive yoyo and how to upgrade your yo-yo from responsive to unresponsive? First you should learn the basics of modern yoyoing with responsive yoyo. Then, it is time to move on to advanced tricks with unresponsive yoyo and learn how to return yoyo with a Bind.

What Is Unresponsive Yoyo?

The world of yo-yoing has evolved significantly over the years, and one of the most notable advancements is the introduction of the unresponsive yo-yo. Traditional yo-yos are designed to return to the hand with a simple tug of the string – they are called responsive yoyos. But unresponsive yo-yos defy this convention, offering a completely new level of yoyo tricks and creativity.

Unresponsive yo-yos require a specialized technique called a “bind” to return to the hand. For those entering the world of unresponsive yo-yoing, mastering the bind is a crucial skill.Unresponsive yoyo means players have greater control over the yo-yo’s movements, enabling them to execute amazing string tricks, slack tricks, and even grinds or horizontal fingerspin tricks, such as famous “DNA”.

Unresponsive yo-yos have become popular in competitive yo-yoing. But before you start playing these yoyos, you should first learn basics of yoyoing with responsive yoyo.

  • Learn about modern unresponsive yoyoing with pro yoyo player Ann Bubak in the video below!


  • Start with unresponsive yoyo after you learn responsive yo-yo tricks and basics of yoyoing

Most Common Mistakes

  • Not learning basics properly
  • Trying unresponsive yoyo tricks without knowing the basics
  • Keeping both bearings inside the yoyo

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