Boomerang – Yoyo Trick #17

Boomerang – Yoyo Trick #17

Boomerang – Yoyo Trick #17

Boomerang Yoyo Trick Tutorial
Can yoyoing be an adrenaline sport? Boomerang is a bit challenging, watch out for string burns or hitting your face with a yoyo. When doing Boomerang, try to use the whole length of the string to shoot your yoyo as far as possible.

Boomerang Video Tutorial

  • Learn Boomerang yo-yo trick from pro yoyo player Ann Bubak


  • Push the yoyo forward with the string
  • Let it go as far as possible
  • Move your throw hand towards your non throw hand

Most Common Mistakes

  • Not moving your hands together
  • Yoyo moving only few centimeters forward

Boomerang Steps

  1. The throw
    • Start with strong Sleeper.
  2. Middle of the string
    • Similar as how you started with Elevator, lift with your index finger to the middle of the string.
  3. Against the string
    • You’ll then place the yoyo against the middle of the string.
  4. Push the yoyo
    • From here, your top hand will guide along the string, back and forth, to push the yoyo out.
  5. Hands together
    • To further extend this motion, try to bring both of your hands closer together.

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